The healing powers of oxygen have been well researched and documented for decades. Contrary to some marketing opinions, there is no overdose and the consumption of oxygenated water is therefore entirely risk-free. However, it is recommended to consumed between 0.75 to 1.5 litre daily.

In 1988, the per oral (applied through drinking) oxygen therapy (POT) was developed by Prof. Dr A. Pakdaman of Germany as a promising innovation for use in clinical-scientific medicine. The therapy was based on the enrichment of potable water with oxygen of 150mg/l.

The oxygen-enriched water was applied in the nutritional, clinical and research medicine to treat cellular hypoxia. As therapy, the oxygen-enriched water was prescribed to people suffering from different diseases such as migraine, heart arrhythmia, ophtalmological problems and cancer. It was also applied to improve blood pressure and stimulate the immune system.

On 4th December 1993, Prof. Dr. Pakdaman was awarded the annual Manfred Koehnlechner Prize by the German Research Foundation in Munich for the best research in biological and natural medicine on his clinical-scientific research regarding Peroral Oxygen Therapy.

On 10th November 2000, Prof. Dr. Pakdaman was honoured with the Certificate of Innovations for his clinical and scientific work in the area of oncology and oxygen research, especially the Peroral Oxygen Therapy.

Further pharmacology and toxicology studies from the University of Munich also documented marked improvements in physical, intellectual and energetic levels after the drinking of oxygen-enriched water.

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