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Oxygenizer FAQ
What is so special about OXYGENIZER?

OXYGENIZER is water that contains large amount of oxygen compared to normal drinking water. This is achieved through the cutting edge technology from Europe , which allows large amounts of pure oxygen to be dissolved and stabilized in water. Before the process of bonding the oxygen molecules with the water molecules, our water is first cleansed using the reverse osmosis process to achieve a remarkable purity level of 98%. This makes OXYGENIZER astonishingly pure.

Does OXYGENIZER contain any chemicals?

No, OXYGENIZER does not contain any chemical, sodium, preservative or sugar.Hence, it will not harm the human body in any ways.

Is R O Water Sdn Bhd part of any world-renowned organizations?

R O Water Sdn Bhd  is the first reverse osmosis water manufacturer in Malaysia to receive ISO 9001 certification in 2002. In the year 2005, R O Water Sdn Bhd was awarded ISO 22000 and the Achievement of Sterling Quality HACCP Certification. R O Water Sdn Bhd is also GMP certified and HALAL certified.

Why is oxygen so important to us?

Without oxygen, NO humans can survive. Generally, the benefits of increased oxygen intake by our body are improvement in energy and vitality, strengthened and balanced immune system, healthy cell and tissue regeneration, anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, increased mental clarity, natural boost to our well-being and last but not least delay in aging process.


Our environment is becoming so polluted these days that even the air we breathe no longer contains as much pure oxygen as it used to. This rapid decline of available clean oxygen also results in the loss of oxygen in our food and water. That is why an average person is not getting as much oxygen as they should. Consecutively, a person that has insufficient oxygen will have lack of concentration and the body immune system will deteriorate, leading to all kinds of illness.

Which is the best way to consume OXYGENIZER?

For optimum benefits, DO NOT expose to direct sunlight, store in room temperature and it is recommended to finish once the cap is opened as the oxygen content will depreciate to normal within 7 hours. Results may vary depending on individuals storage conditions.

What is the difference between OXYGENIZER and normal water?

The amount dissolved of oxygen in OXYGENIZER is up to 150 mg/l. This suggests a stunning up to 36 TIMES MORE oxygen compared to normal water.

What are the selling points of OXYGENIZER?

OXYGENIZER is a product of reverse osmosis water enriched with large amounts of dissolved oxygen. OXYGENIZER is extremely pure with less than 2 mg/l of dissolved solids, which is why it is remarkably smooth for drinking. The exceptionally ‘COOL’ design of the bottle is an additional factor for consumers to buy OXYGENIZER.

Where is OXYGENIZER available?

OXYGENIZER is available throughout Malaysia and in various countries around the world. If your favourite store or eatery does not stock OXYGENIZER, get them to give us a call at Tel: +603-9076 8826 or fax: +603-9076 8766 or you can call us directly to arrange a door-step delivery to you (Please view Contact Us section for more info). You can also email us at [email protected]

I don't see OXYGENIZER for sale in my country, is it possible for me to sell/distribute Oxygenizer in my respective country?

YES! If you foresee a growth potential for OXYGENIZER in your country, please call/fax/e-mail us to negotiate for distributorship/agent in your respective country. Please refer to the Opportunities section for further information.