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Oxygenated Aqua Facial Spray

Oxygenated Aqua Facial Spray


OXYGENIZER Oxygenated AQUA SPRAY  is good for: 

  • Spray on face, neck, hair and any part of the body for instant refreshment 
  • Spray on face after cleansing, before applying moisturizing cream 
  • Spray on face before applying make-up foundation, after make-up to remove powdery residue and before make-up touch up. 
  • Spray on wound to remove dirt and debris 
  • Use in car, air-conditioned room, and in cold & warm environment

Dry air, with low relative humidity, is the worst factor that simply increases the water lost through our skin.  Meanwhile, as we age, our skin is getting weak to retain moisture. The loss of water through the skin (Transepidermal Water Loss, TEWL) can cause fine lines and wrinkles. The instant refreshment to your skin is now available to you readily. The OXYGENIZER Oxygenated AQUA SPRAY contains truly pure oxygenated water which enriched with 36 times more oxygen, processed through European latest technology.

It is so convenient to give you a fresh wake up when you feel sleepy, especially while working on your desk or in the car.  Nonetheless, it is a great way to cool off by just spraying the oxygenated mist onto your face, neck, hair or any part of the body.

In addition, you may use it at least twice a day after cleansing, before applying moisturizing cream. This will help to feed your skin with the great amount of moisture needed.

You may also use it before applying make-up foundation and at the last step in your make-up routine to remove the powdery residue, and to avoid the thick make up appearance. Or, simply spray the oxygenated mist onto your face to soften your make-up before touching up after a long day.   Rest assure you will enjoy the dewy and youthful look.

It is definitely your great companion during outdoor activities, workouts, in cold and warm environments, or any moment when you need some refreshment. Nevertheless, the OXYGENIZER Oxygenated AQUA SPRAY is so useful, helps to soothe redness and irritations caused by sunburn, and even to clean a wound from dirt and debris before applying the sterile dressing on it.

Use together with the OXYGENIZER Snow White Hydro Oxygen Facial Mask, your skin will appreciate the extraordinary results of rejuvenation and hydration. The combination of the duo is superior to improve your skin evenness and beautifies you by reducing pore size, spot, fine lines and wrinkles. Now, you can live a quality life with the youthful looks, easily.

With peace of mind, the OXYGENIZER Oxygenated AQUA SPRAY is non-greasy and so gentle for all skin types. Rest assure it is FREE from colourant, preservatives, alcohol, fragrance and any other chemicals.

Enjoy the good time with families and friends at anytime and anywhere. Carry the mobile size bottle with you daily and keep a bottle for home use, it is a great way to pamper yourself and your loved ones. Share it with others to express your care, too.